CEREC Same Day Crowns

Dental crowns can be used for all kinds of smile improvements. If you have decayed, worn down, or broken teeth, a dental crown may be your ideal option. Dental crowns restore not only the function of the tooth, but also its shape and size.

For many years, patients had to attend two to three visits to their dentist to receive a dental crown. Today, Traverse Mountain family dentists offer CEREC technology so you can receive your beautiful dental crown in just ONE appointment.

One-Day Crowns with Incredible Technology

Traditional crowns take at least two appointments, but thanks to CEREC, our dental team can provide a crown in a single visit. The CEREC system is aided by advanced computer design technology, so we can manufacture a crown that is customized to our exact specifications.

With digital dental imaging, on-site impressions, and computer aided milling, we can have your permanent crown placed in under two hours.

The Benefits of CEREC Restorations

Save time and get fast results | No one wants to visit the dentist repeatedly for a single procedure. You can plan just one do-it-all procedure, and then you can leave with your beautiful new dental crown.

Don’t wear a temporary | There’s no need to wear a temporary restoration that isn’t as comfortable or aesthetic as the permanent version.

Better for your teeth | The less we touch your teeth, the healthier they will be. By avoiding placing and removing the temporary crown, we can do less damage to the underlying tooth.

Stunning results | CEREC crowns are not only fast, but also incredible. They are all-ceramic and custom-fit to your smile.

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